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Waldorf Emergency Care Treats Many Pet Conditions

Pets can experience injuries and illnesses that may be sudden or life-threatening. Emergency veterinary care provides the immediate, on-the-spot treatment to save lives and restore animals to health. At Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf, MD, we have the knowledge and experience in treating a range of conditions.

Bone Fractures

Your emergency vet in Waldorf will carefully X-ray the injury and set the bone so that it can heal properly. For severe bone fractures, surgery may be necessary.

Respiratory Distress

Animals may experience breathing difficulties, choking, or respiratory infections that can affect their lung function. Our experienced team can help with medications, oxygen therapy, or surgery to improve breathing.

Ingestion of Poisons

If your pet is experiencing vomiting, confusion, or seizures, and you suspect he or she may have ingested a poisonous substance, get your animal to our emergency care clinic immediately for life-saving treatment.

Bite Wounds and Bleeding

A fight with another animal can result in bleeding or wounds that may require stitches or medications to help prevent infection. Similarly, accidents that cause lacerations should receive emergency pet care treatment from our veterinary clinic.

Severe Vomiting or Diarrhea

A severe bout of vomiting or diarrhea can be caused by eating tainted food, ingesting a toxic substance, or intestinal infection. Your veterinarian can help to determine the cause of your pet’s symptoms and administer the right treatment.


Heatstroke occurs when animals are exposed to extreme high temperatures and are not able to cool down. Symptoms of heatstroke include excessive panting, drooling, reddened gums, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, and loss of consciousness. Heatstroke is an emergency that requires immediate veterinary care.


If your pet becomes unconscious, due to heatstroke, an accident, or any sudden illness, take him or her to see our veterinarians immediately for diagnosis and proper treatment.

Severe Skin Problems

We provide urgent care for animals who are experiencing a severe allergic reaction.

Make Waldorf Emergency Care Your Veterinarians for Emergency Pet Care

Our veterinarians and staff at Waldorf Emergency Care have the knowledge and training to provide emergency and urgent care for pets in Waldorf, MD, and surrounding areas. We treat a variety of unexpected illnesses and injuries that can occur in pets. Call Waldorf Emergency Care at (301) 705-9700 to learn more about our urgent care services and the many veterinary conditions we can treat when your pet has an emergency.

Preventing Cat & Dog Heat Stroke

Protect Your Pet From Heat Stroke

During the warmer times of the year, it is extremely important to monitor your dog or cat for signs of heat stroke when temperatures rise. If you suspect your pet is dealing with symptoms associated with this condition, contact Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an assessment. Here is some information about heat stroke in pets to read over so you understand this condition and how our vet can help if needed.

Signs Your Pet May Be Suffering

If hot temperatures are present, be on the lookout for symptoms that indicate your pet is having difficulty. A pet suffering from heat stroke will pant in an attempt to cool the body down. This will work for dogs, however, for cats panting will usually only tire the animal instead of decreasing its internal temperature. Your pet may act lethargic, avoid eating, or seem disoriented.

Steps To Take To Protect Your Pet

When warm weather is expected, taking steps to safeguard your dog or cat from heatstroke is a necessity. Place several bowls of water in your home so your pet has a readily-available drink at any time. Cool the home with air conditioning or fans, and keep the shades or curtains drawn to keep sunlight from warming the interior of your home to extreme levels. Do not allow your pet outdoors during daytime hours in extremely hot temperatures.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

When a pet shows signs of heat stroke, it is important to bring them to our veterinarian for an evaluation immediately. Our vet will conduct procedures to cool your pet safely, provide them with hydration via IV if necessary, and will prescribe medication to help treat the problem in more severe cases. Heat stroke is considered an emergency and it is best to bring your cat or dog to our practice if you suspect they are dealing with this condition.

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