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Pet Skin Problems

Pet skin problems can manifest in many forms, from the odd rash to flakey skin. Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf has veterinarians ready to discuss your furry friend’s condition and what they need to get back to having a healthy coat.

Signs of Pet Skin Problems

Cats, dogs, and other animals may have warning signs that they have skin problems. They may have fur loss on parts of their coat, or it could become dry and brittle. They may be unusually sensitive to being handled in certain areas. Dandruff and other visible signs of skin flakiness may occur. When you brush your pet’s fur, there may be chunks of fur coming out onto the brush or otherwise showing signs of ill health. Rashes, raised lesions, and other red and irritated areas could also indicate a problem. One common symptom is that the cat or dog is scratching and grooming themselves more than normal. In severe examples, they could scratch hard enough to break the skin.

Treatments for Pet Skin Problems

The exact treatment to resolve your pet’s skin issues depends on the underlying problem. Your cat or dog may need supplements that help promote skin and fur health to get their coat looking shiny and healthy again. In some cases, your animal may have an allergy to a substance in your home, and they could need allergy medication or a similar solution. Parasites and fungi can also cause other skin problems, such as ringworm and fleas.
Our skilled veterinarians will go over the potential causes of the skin problem. We may need to perform some tests to determine exactly what’s going on so it can be treated appropriately. In each step of the process, we make sure to go over everything that you need to know to help your furry family member get better soon. Part of the treatment plan may involve follow-up visits, so we can track the progress of their skin health and make any adjustments to the plan.

Scheduling a Pet Skin Appointment

If you’re worried that your pet has skin problems, bring them in for a vet appointment. Skin problems could be something minor or an indicator of a larger issue that needs to be addressed, but either way, we’ll be able to help. Call Waldorf Emergency Care at (301) 705-9700 to connect with our talented staff and find out what’s going on with your furry companion’s skin. Your pets will be sure to thank you once they’re feeling better.