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Common Household Dangers For Your Pet

Potential Household Dangers for Your Pet

There may be pet dangers lurking in or around your house without you even realizing. If your pet is exposed to these dangers, this could very well result in a medical emergency. For example, did you know that antifreeze is tempting for many pets to ingest due to its sweet smell and taste? If you keep it in or around your home, be sure that it’s out of your pet’s reach. Furthermore, be careful about the types of chemicals you use on your lawn and garden; certain fertilizers and plant foods can be fatal if ingested by pets!
Inside your home, be careful about insecticides and pest control products, such as ant and fly traps; if you use them, they need to be hidden away (underneath furniture, for example) where there is no chance your pet can reach them. Also, be aware that some household plants and flowers can be toxic to pets. A common example is the lily flower, which can be fatal to cats. Even if your cat doesn’t ingest any part of the plant, simply drinking water from the vase or even ingesting pollen from the flower itself is enough to be fatal in some cases.
Chocolate is another toxin that can make both dogs and cats ill, so be sure to keep it out of reach of your pets and never feed it as a treat.
Mouse or rat poison is also poison for your larger pet. If you know or suspect that your pet has ingested mouse or rat poison it is important that they be treated right away. Don’t wait until clinical signs occur, it is easier to treat if caught early.

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