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Farm Animal Emergency Treatment

If you have a farm animal emergency near Waldorf, our veterinarian is available 24/7 to come to your location and provide expedited treatment for farm animal injuries, illness or problem pregnancies. In addition, our clinic offers state-of-the-art diagnostics such as ultrasound and endoscopy to quickly determine what is affecting your farm animals.
Emergency surgical care is also available for animals suffering sudden symptoms of internal or external medical conditions dangerous to the life of the animal. Your Waldorf emergency vet treats cows, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, chickens and many other kinds of farm animals.
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Common Livestock Diseases

If you notice signs of these farm animal diseases affecting your livestock, please call Waldorf Emergency Care for immediate veterinary assistance.


Cattle, pigs, and goats showing signs of behavioral changes, weight loss, lack of energy and decreased appetite may need to be checked for brucellosis, a bacterial infection impacting reproductive abilities of certain livestock.


Bulls are asymptomatic carriers of vibriosis, a bacterial disease affecting heifers and cows that mate with infected bulls. Recurring abortion reduced conception rates, and uterine infections are possible signs cattle are suffering from vibriosis.


Causing sores and scabs to erupt on the skin, pustular dermatitis is highly infections and primary affect goats and sheep. Pustular dermatitis sores may appear on udders if infected kids or lambs nurse. Also, this infection can spread to humans via skin to skin contact with sores.


A fungal infection of the skin, ringworm causes scaly, roundish patches to develop on pigs, goats, sheep, cows, and humans. Livestock with ringworm usually loses small amounts of hair around the legs, face or ears. Some animals with ringworm may not present any symptoms.

Vesicular Stomatitis

Infecting farm and wild animals, this viral disease appears as blisters on the feet, belly, and mouth of pigs, horses, and cattle. Vesicular stomatitis rarely infects goats or sheep.

Surgical Interventions Provided by Your Waldorf Emergency Vet

Standard or emergency surgeries performed by our veterinarian include:
  • Ovariohysterectomies
  • Hernia repair/abdominal/gastrointestinal surgeries
  • Eye, head and neck surgeries
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Cesareans
  • Wound care/reconstructive surgery
  • Respiratory/upper airway surgeries
  • Urinary obstructions

Emergency Care for Pocket Pets

If your farm animals include rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets and other “pocket pets”, your Waldorf emergency vet also provides expert care for exotic pets suffering injury or illness. Since pocket pets tend to hide symptoms of sickness, contact our clinic as soon as possible if you notice abnormal behavior involving appetite, sleep or defecating.

Contact a Waldorf Veterinarian for Farm Animal Emergency Care

Waldorf Emergency Care is open 24/7, 365 days a year. For immediate veterinary assistance with any kind of farm animal emergency near Waldorf,
you can contact us at (301) 705-9700