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Pet Anesthesia FAQs

If your pet is undergoing surgery, our veterinarians may administer anesthesia. By using anesthesia, our veterinarian can put your pet to sleep temporarily. This way, your pet will not feel pain while we perform the operation. Our team at Waldorf Emergency Care has gathered a few questions that we have run into regarding pet anesthesia. […]

Feline Stomatitis: Treatments

Cats rarely display their pain, but cats with feline stomatitis are often the exception. If your cat appears to have mouth pain, is reluctant to eat, doesn’t want to groom, is drooling, and doesn’t want you to open its mouth, it may be suffering from this debilitating, degenerative oral condition, and prompt treatment is a […]


Zoonosis refers to diseases that can be transmitted to humans from animals. In particular, they occur when an infected animal passes on bacteria, parasites, fungi or viruses to humans through scratches, saliva, feces and urine. Vectors (e.g., organisms like fleas and ticks) can also carry zoonotic diseases from the host to those they come into […]