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Treating Pet Bone Fractures with Waldorf Emergency Care

When an animal breaks a bone, it's known as a fracture. Pets can break their bones for any number of reasons: falls, auto accidents, or even fights with other animals. At Waldorf Emergency Care, most of the bone fractures we see are due to auto accidents, but smaller pets can be injured by something as simple as falling off the couch. If you suspect that your pet has sustained a fracture, it's important that you bring her into our office as soon as possible for treatment. The longer you wait before treatment, the more difficult it will be for the break to heal cleanly and completely.

dog laying down on vet bed with bone fracture

Veterinarian Advice About Diagnosing Bone Fractures

How can you tell if your pet has suffered a bone fracture? There are two types of fractures: open and closed. With an open fracture, the skin has been broken. In closed fractures, all the damage has been hidden under the skin. If your pet has been in an auto accident, you might feel safe about assuming a fracture, but it can be difficult to tell for sure otherwise. Our veterinarian advises that you look for some giveaway symptoms, such as:

  • Limping
  • Holding his/her leg awkwardly
  • A leg has gotten swollen
  • Acting like the leg is painful if you try to touch it

All of these symptoms can have other causes, but it's best to err on the side of caution. Contact our office to alert us you're coming in, and transport your pet to us for treatment.

What to Do If You Suspect a Bone Fracture

Fractures, both open and closed, are very painful for animals to experience. It can make them act out of character by snarling, pulling away, or biting. Even the calmest and friendliest pets can snap during the pain of a fracture. Use caution when caring for and transporting an injured animal. Always follow the three rules of pet fracture: don't try to reset the bone, don't use antiseptics on an exposed bone, and transport your pet immediately.

If you see an open fracture with blood and bone sticking out, your pet needs immediate veterinary care. Cover the wound loosely with a clean, dry cloth to keep the bone from being contaminated, and transport her to our office immediately.

With a closed fracture, support the broken limb with a folded towel, moving it at little as possible. Keep her warm to prevent shock, and get her to our office.

Contact Our Waldorf Veterinarian

If you suspect any type of fracture, contact our 24-hour veterinary clinic. Give us a call at 301-705-9700 and we'll talk you through the process of getting your pet safely to our office.


Waldorf Emergency Care will focus on caring and compassionate state of the art services as well as friendly communicative relationships with pet owners and family veterinarians.

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Waldorf Emergency Care
3485 Rockefeller Ct
Waldorf, MD 20602
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