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Posted on 12-27-2017

Is Your Cat Exhibiting Open Mouth Breathing in Waldorf, MD?

While you’re likely used to seeing your dog panting, observing the same behavior in a cat can be alarming. That’s because cats don’t usually breathe through their mouths, and doing so is often the symptom of a significant underlying condition.

Of course, determining why your cat is exhibiting open mouth breathing is not something you can do on your own, and so it’s important to bring your cat to a Waldorf emergency veterinarian right away.

cat is exhibiting open mouth breathing

Possible Causes of Mouth Breathing

Not all causes of mouth breathing in cats point to serious underlying health issues. For instance, your cat may pant due to overexertion from time to time. A feline cold and associated congestion may also cause your cat to breathe through their mouth. However, there are some causes of mouth breathing that qualify as an emergency, and that’s particularly true if your cat seems to be having difficulty breathing.

Additionally, if you notice your cat holding themselves with their elbows away from their body and their head extended, your cat is likely in distress and should be seen by a Waldorf emergency veterinarian right away. That’s also true if your cat is hiding, lethargic and has no appetite, or has bluish or purplish gums. These are all signs that something more significant may be impacting your cat’s health, and they should be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible.

Prompt Treatment from Your Waldorf Emergency Veterinarian

When you bring your cat to your Waldorf emergency veterinarian, they will complete a thorough examination to try and find out why your cat is having difficulty breathing. This may involve a variety of tests, and the ultimate course of treatment your vet prescribes will depend on the results of those tests.

Visit Your Local Veterinarian near Waldorf for Cat Emergencies 

If you think you have a cat emergency near Waldorf, don’t hesitate to bring your pet to our clinic. We’re open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and we also offer a new client special. Or you can call us at (301) 705-9700 with any questions or concerns.

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