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Posted on 09-21-2017

Helping a Lost Pet Find Their Way Back Home in Waldorf

If you find a lost pet in your neighborhood or on the side of the road, your first reaction will probably be to save it. After all, you'd want someone to save your pet if it got lost, right? At Waldorf Emergency Care we support rescuing all lost pets, of course, but we advise using smart, safe methods when you do. Use the techniques the professionals recommend to avoid hurting yourself or the pet you've found.

a lost dog in Waldorf

Use Caution

Always approach an unfamiliar animal carefully. If the dog or cat is injured or frightened, it can behave unpredictably. Walk toward the animal slowly and speak quietly. If the animal seems aggressive or dangerous, call animal control and let them handle the situation. Otherwise, let the animal sniff your hand, and try to get it to move toward you. Find something to use as a leash, to keep the animal safely under control.

Finding a Home

If the pet has a collar with tags, check for a name, phone number, or address. If you find any identifying information, call the owner to let them know you have their pet.

If the pet has no tags, take it to the nearest animal shelter. The dog or cat may have a microchip installed, and all shelters are equipped to read the identifying information on those chips. If you don't have a local shelter, try the closest Humane Society or a neighborhood veterinarian's office.

Your 24 Hour Vet in Waldorf for Lost Pets

Lost pets don't always appear during the 9 to 5 shift, so it's helpful to know someplace to go after hours. Waldorf Emergency Care is a 24-hour vet in Waldorf who will help with all your pet emergencies. Whether you've found a lost dog or you need a veterinarian to help care for your sick cat, our caring team will be here all night, ready to help. Contact our office at 301-705-9700 today.

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